Huys manufactures and supplies millions of machined and cold-formed resistance welding caps around the world. We specialize in our patent pending TiC coatings to extend the life of caps in demanding welding applications. Welding caps/tips can be specified in the copper alloy of your choice, with our standard alloys being:

  • Class 1: C15000 Zirconium Copper
  • Class 2: C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper
  • Class 3: C18000 Nickel Silicon Chromium Copper (Beryllium-Free)
  • Class 20: C15760 (AL60 or Glidcop®) Aluminum Dispersion Strengthened Copper

(Glidcop® is a registered trademark of Höganäs AB.)

Catalogue Caps

We offer caps in the three most popular standard tapers, as seen below. If you are purchasing a standard part from one of our competitor’s catalogues, we can usually quote based off their part number. Custom caps and tapers are available upon request.

If you would like us to quote a TiCap version of a cap, please either add a “T” in front of the standard part number, or add “-TiC” at the end.

Our Caps Catalog Pages PDFOur RWMA (Fisher taper) Cap Catalogue Pages – Male and Female Caps
Our Japanese (1/9.6 taper) Cap Catalogue Pages – Female Caps
Our European (ISO 5821 1/10 taper) Cap Catalogue Pages – Female Caps