Extend the life of your equipment, tooling, and consumables with the electrospark deposition process (ESD).  ESD is a micro-weld process that joins materials in a true metallurgical bond with little or no heat affected zone (HAZ). 

Huys has been welding with ESD since our formation. We expanded our offerings with this technology after we made some recent advances. We can offer our new and highly controllable Low Energy Welding equipment or, if you would prefer us to do the work for you, we can offer our coating services.


Huys has the technical knowledge, experience, and support team to assist with virtually any material and substrate. Examples include: Tungsten ...
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Coating Services

Huys has been providing coating services since 1981! If you would prefer for us to handle the coating rather than ...
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LEW Universal Power Supply

Low Energy Welding Equipment

Patent Numbers: US 10,882,196 B2 / CA 2995658, US 10,829,856 B2 / CA 2712119, US 10,391,579 B2 / CA 2990246, ...
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Consulting Support

Weld Parameter Testing

Huys engineers and technicians are constantly innovating with weld parameter testing. Using their expertise and our patented equipment they help ...
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