Flash Shields

Flash shields are designed to surround electrodes in order to contain weld splatter. Not only does this ensure a cleaner environment around the weld cell, but also improves the appearance of the final product. See chart below for our standard sizes.

Part NumberDescription
(full size bell extends 1-1/2″, mini bell extends 3/8″)
FS6255/8″ Weld Flash Shield (FSD5555, 1089FS625)
FS8757/8″ Weld Flash Shield (FSD5919, 1089FS875)
FSM5001/2″ Mini Weld Flash Shield (FSJN500)
FSM6255/8″ Mini Weld Flash Shield (FSJN625)
FSM7503/4″ Mini Weld Flash Shield (FSJN750)