Coated Locating Welding Pins
Coated Locating Welding Pins

Below are our most common coated pins technologies. We can also supply pins coated with other materials such as black oxide and nitride upon request.

CVD Coated Pins and Sleeves

CVD pins are a D2 steel pin layered with a very hard ceramic coating using chemical vapour deposition technology. This coating is very hard and is non-conductive, so the pins are not only insulated from the electrical circuit, but also protected from wear and damage. This style is very popular for any weld head system that requires the pin to be insulated, and as such, standard pins are often carried in stock. In addition, CVD sleeves can be incorporated into weld heads or special designs should they be required.


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Coated Pins and Sleeves Technical Library pdf Coated Pins and Sleeves Technical Library


DIP Coated Pins and Sleeves

DIP pins are a supplement and a new addition to Huys’ group of pin technologies. The DIP coating materialises from within the pin itself using a different heat treatment process from CVD. This produces a very even and durable coating to ensure longer life for a pin, before sparking and shorting requires the pin’s replacement. DIP pins can be used for any application as they are very hard and electrically insulated. Developed and made in Canada, standard pin styles are stocked with special designs available for quoting. Finally, our DIP sleeves are ideal for stud welding applications.

Dip Pins Before Heat Treatment
DIP Pins Before Heat Treatment
DIP Pins After Heat Treatment
DIP Pins After Heat Treatment

We can quote from samples, standard part numbers, and/or from prints/drawings. Please contact us using our online form.