Huys has always sought to be on the leading edge of welding, joining, and coating technologies. The list below is just a quick overview of the welding processes we have assisted our customers with.

We specialize in Electrospark Deposition (ESD) and Electric Resistance Welding (ERW). We have the experience, technical knowledge, and flexibility to serve you in any way you may need.

Optimizing Welding Parameters: Simulation of a Weld

Optimizing Welding Parameters

Huys is proud to be the North American distributor of SORPAS®, the internationally renowned FEA modeling and simulation software for ...
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Electrospark Deposition Application

Electrospark Deposition

Electrospark Deposition Coating Automated Electrospark Deposition Electrospark Deposition (ESD) is a micro-arc welding process that welds material to a substrate ...
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Resistance Spot Welding

Resistance Welding

Resistance welding is a trusted and cheap method of joining metal together. The application of electricity, pressure, time, along with ...
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