Huys has the knowledge and expertise to fabricate any standard or custom design for resistance welding electrodes. We solve welding issues by working with our customers to find a solution that is cost effective and achieves production and quality aims. We seek more than just a “quick fix”.

Please see below for a summary of our most common resistance welding electrodes. Do not see what you need? Please contact us and our service representative will be happy to help with a solution that will address your needs.

Small Scale Welding Electrodes

Small Scale welding electrodes (also known as micro-spot welding electrodes) are used for resistance spot welding applications where the sheet ...
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Back Up & Swivel Electrodes

Mainly used for projection welding, the sturdy and larger Huys' back up electrodes are available with or without a tungsten-copper ...
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Projection Welding Heads

We manufacture thousands of standard metric and imperial plain copper alloy and tungsten-faced projection welding heads every year. These are ...
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Threaded Electrodes and Button Electrodes

Threaded electrodes and button electrodes are available in standard sizes and nose configurations as well as custom designs. Button electrodes ...
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Straight & Bent Electrodes

Straight electrodes are a workhorse of resistance spot welding. These standard parts were the traditional way of joining metal together ...
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Resistance Seam Welding Wheels

Seam Welding Wheels

Available in standard Class 2 or 3 materials, these forged seam welding wheels are ideal for applications such as fuel ...
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