Sorpas Nut in 3D
Sorpas Nut in 3D
Sorpas 3D
Sorpas 3D

SORPAS® FEA Weld Simulation, developed by SWANTEC, is the most widely used software for the modeling, simulation, and optimization of resistance welding parameters. It has been used in many industries for spot welding, projection welding, butt-welding, and micro-resistance welding. Unlike traditional methods, SORPAS® FEA software provides advanced computer simulations and results quickly and efficiently BEFORE implementation to minimize testing.

SORPAS® will:

  • Optimize welds and process parameters
  • Evaluate weldability of new materials and joints
  • Evaluate designs of weld combinations and electrodes
  • Troubleshoot welding problems and new applications
  • Reduce costs through reducing trial and error testing and, at the same time, provide a documentary trail

SORPAS® was created by engineers for engineers. It is easy to use and a quick training program is all you need.

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Sorpas Concept

Available in:

SORPAS® 2D Welding

This is the original and standard version of SORPAS®. The 2D models are ideal for quick simulations of flat sheet to sheet resistance spot welding and for any axis-symmetric models. Results are able to be produced in under 10 minutes and include predictions for post weld hardness, failure strengths, and nugget size. The results from simulations can then be exported to welding controllers via excel.

SORPAS 2D Welding Editions
SORPAS® 3D Welding

With the power of 3D models, this version of SORPAS® allows for much more complex joint geometries and situations to be accurately modelled and simulated. SORPAS 3D® is ideal for non-axis symmetric models such as projection welding or parallel gap welding, as well as wire or clinch welding.

SORPAS® 3D Testing

This expanded module predicts the strengths of welds and the welds’ failure modes. One these tests are completed, all of the information contained in these simulations are exportable to other FEA simulation software such as Abaqus.

SORPAS® 2D Joining

This version is latest evolution of the software and tackles several of the non-resistance welding methods of joining materials together.

Resistance Welding Process window

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