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Resistance Welding Training Courses - Training Manual Example
Training Manual Example

Huys Welding Strategies resistance welding training courses have been presented to the largest and best automotive welding companies in the world. Huys’ courses are unique in that they are tailored to your requirements. Huys’ engineers meet with you to help you decide on the length, level, timing, and complexity of the course.

For our Mexican customers, we work with our local distributor RM Aplicaciones.

Training course sessions range from 4-hour half-day sessions, to 8-hour full day, or multi-day courses. Most sessions include a practical section where walking through your own facility is possible to identify and address real issues and situations. Huys’ engineers will help show you the way to making your welds more efficient. Through our highly motivated and detailed training sessions, you’ll quickly realize the benefits and, more importantly, the cost savings Huys can deliver.

In addition, because we’re the North American distributor of the welding simulation software SORPAS®, we also provide comprehensive training for the product. For more information, please click here.

Huys Welding Strategies offers a full range of technical training courses from introductory to advanced RSW theory. Whether you need an update, or to fully train your engineering or management staff, or your production workers and maintenance crew, Huys can tailor the training session to address what is most relevant and practical for your needs. Course sizes range from 5 participants to 20 and can be conducted on-site at your facility–or off-site at a hotel or conference centre. If you’d like to view samples of a course curriculum or an in-class assignment, please contact us.