Straight electrodes are a workhorse of resistance spot welding. These standard parts were the traditional way of joining metal together before the advent of replaceable caps and shanks. Huys carries many of the standard sizes and noses A, B, C, D, E, and F in stock. They are most commonly ordered in Class 2, but are available in Class 1 and 3 copper as well. In addition, tungsten-copper alloys can be added to the weld faces of straight electrodes.

For those difficult welds that are in hard-to-reach locations, Huys can supply bent electrodes. These are typically bent with a water tube already installed for proper cooling.

As with all of our spot welding electrodes and caps, both straight and bent,  Huys’ TiCap™ coating can be added onto the weld face to improve performance and reduce sticking.

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