Mainly used for projection welding, the sturdy and larger Huys’ back up electrodes are available with or without a tungsten-copper weld face and can include a stainless steel ring to help locate the nut. These smarter electrodes are a popular and cost efficient way of ensuring nuts are positioned correctly before welding.

For those welding applications that encounter minor misalignment problems, we offer the full range of swivel electrodes. We recommend our new Grounding Block Electrodes for those applications needing a predictable and effective ground.

In addition, Huys’ TiCap™ coating can be added onto the weld face of back up and swivel electrodes to improve performance and to reduce sticking.

We can quote from part numbers (for standard electrodes), samples, or from prints/drawings. Please contact us using our online form.

The video playlist below explains how minor design tweaks can help detect upside down nuts in projection welding applications.