For quickly removing used caps from their shanks without damaging their tapers, Huys can supply a variety of cap extractors, depending on your need. The list below is a summary of the most popular universal and specialized cap extractors.

If you do not see what you need, please contact us.

Cap Extractors
Universal Extractors
Cap Extractors
(Male and Female)
Part NumberDescription
18-1381-1Size 5 Fork Extractor
18-1381-2Size 4 Fork Extractor
18-1381-3Size 6 Fork Extractor
EX10AUniversal Speed Wrench (sizes 4,5,6)
(CLCX-250, 601-0231)

Specialized Cap Extractors
Part NumberDescription
EX45Size 4 & 5 Extractor for Male Caps (CLEX-45, 601-0240)
EX56Size 5 & 6 Extractor for Male Caps (CLEX-56, 601-0242)
EX4FExtractor for Size 4 Female Caps (601-0220)
EX5FExtractor for Size 5 Female Caps (601-0221)
EX6FExtractor for Size 6 Female Caps (601-0222)
Female and Male Cap Extractors
Female (top) and Male (bottom) Extractors