Our all new Low Energy Welding technology is here! Check out our new equipment and glovebox below!

Huys is thrilled to bring equipment such as capacitor discharge welders and flow drill screw machines to market. These new technologies provide manufacturers alternative methods of joining when faced with difficult materials or complex jobs. When combined with SORPAS®, the world renowned simulation software, these sorts of tasks are made even simpler.

In addition, Huys is proud to be a distributor for Harmes Wende, and to house their North American repair facility for resistance welding controllers. We can supply essential equipment like micro-ohms meters and tip dressers, or even whole welders should you require them.

Low Energy Welding Equipment (LEW)

Huys designs, manufactures, sells, and supports low energy welding equipment. LEW is a micro welding process that uses short duration ...
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Tilting Glovebox

Tilting Glovebox

The glovebox system was initially designed for the stringent requirements for an economic research and development tool to operate under ...
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CD Welder

Capacitor Discharge Welders

Huys is proud to bring capacitor discharge welders to the North American market. This new technology has proven to be ...
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Sorpas Nut in 3D

SORPAS® FEA Weld Simulation

SORPAS® FEA Weld Simulation, developed by SWANTEC, is the most widely used software for the modeling, simulation, and optimization of ...
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Flow Drill Joining Machine

Flow Drill Joining Machines

Flow Drill Joining Machines are becoming increasingly popular in efficiently joining difficult materials together that other technologies would struggle with ...
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HWH Weld Controllers

Weld Controllers

Huys is proud to supply and service Harms & Wende AC and MFDC weld controllers in North America. For new ...
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Automatic Tip Dresser

Tip Dressers

Tip dressers will extend the life of your welding consumables, while ensuring the quality of your welds and reducing downtime ...
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