For resistance welding equipment, Huys can offer maintenance tools, or assist customers with SORPAS®, the world renowned simulation software. In addition, Huys is proud to be a distributor for Harmes Wende, and to house their North American repair facility for resistance welding controllers

Resistance Welding Maintenance Tools

Resistance welding maintenance tools are essential to keep your welding machines running at peak efficiency, and ensuring you are producing ...
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Sorpas Nut in 3D

SORPAS® FEA Weld Simulation

SORPAS® FEA Weld Simulation, developed by SWANTEC, is the most widely used software for the modeling, simulation, and optimization of ...
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HWH Weld Controllers

Harms & Wende Weld Controllers

Huys is proud to supply and service Harms & Wende AC and MFDC weld controllers in North America. For new ...
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