NEW, Patent Pending Quick Release Modular Assembly
Modular Head Assemblies
Modular Head Assemblies

Our modular weld heads offer significant savings over tungsten-faced projection welding heads. Our latest evolution of this product line, our PATENT PENDING Quick Release Modular, offers all the advantages of a traditional modular head with increased resistance to wear, and improved functionality.

CA 2,971,042, USSN 15/624,869

It consists of 4 parts, reducing the amount of waste when a new welding surface is needed while maintaining the exact height and strength needed for the projection weld. The washers and liners are the two components most exposed to the welding environment and are therefore replaced the most often.

The modular bases and nuts on the other hand are not damaged as frequently, and this is where the significant savings are found. The majority of customer requests are for standard heads, but our engineers can work with you to design custom modulars should your application require it.

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Modular Weld Heads Technical Library pdf Modular Weld Heads Technical Library
Quick Release Modular Weld Heads Technical Library pdf Quick Release Modular Weld Heads Technical Library
Improved Technology
    • The weld face (or washer) is made of the industry standard Be-free Class 3 copper and outperforms tungsten copper in weld quality and life in standard applications
    • The industrial grade polymer liner resists spatter and binding, while insulating and guiding any pin type you may have
    • The Quick Release Modular has the above technology, plus it’s tough steel nut is better able to withstand the welding environment, further extending the unit’s lifespan
Maintenance Friendly
    • The Base and Nut components fit standard adaptors, allowing for common bases and yielding spare parts for ALL heads regardless of pin size
    • Only the liner and the washer are tailored to the pin size and application, reducing stock and cost
    • Parts will always be at the same overall height, doing away with any adjustments for a machined head
    • The Quick Release Modular’s improvements reduce the time required to replace the washer with 2 quick clicks of its Patent Pending Nut!
Reduced Costs

With each washer representing one traditional weld head in this modular system, the savings are self-explanatory:

Instead of buying 30 weld heads, you are now only buying 30 cheap washers at a fraction of the cost!!

Quick Release Modular Components (Liner not shown)
Modular Head Components
Modular Head Components