Grounding Block Swivel
Projection Grounding Block Swivel

Patent Numbers: US 10,562,135 B2 / CA 3003977

Developed in partnership with Elite Welding Solutions, this Patented Projection Grounding Block helps eliminate issues in the under-optimized world of grounding.

Traditional grounding blocks cannot always compensate for stamping irregularities or fixture tolerances leading to inconsistent grounding and part deployments. In addition, traditional grounding blocks often do not have clear indications for wear, so costly maintenance schedules have to be created.

With weld cells becoming increasingly more complicated through automation and exotic materials, it is apparent there is a need for PREDICTABILITY in grounding.

Worn Projection Ground Block
Worn Projection Ground Block
Worn Traditional Ground Block
Worn Traditional Ground Block

The Projection Grounding Block’s Patent Pending tripod design has three main advantages to traditional grounding blocks:


  • Projection GND deployment force is focused and stable on any surface due to its tripod design
  • Small projections also help to cut through surface contaminants allowing for excellent contact with the base metal

Low Maintenance:

  • With predictable contact, comes predictable wear
  • Any spatter or debris on the surface is self-cleaned by the conical design of the projections
  • The tripod design means even if one projection wears faster the contact will always be stable and secure, eliminating the need for any maintenance until replacement

Fast Visual Inspection:

  • When any or all of the projections have worn to the limit, the center projection will make contact and indicate that the ground needs to be changed.  No more guesswork!
    • It can also be used for setting cylinder stroke
    • Or, for spring loaded assemblies, it can be used for a local net surface
Projection Grounding Block Technical LibraryProjection Grounding Block Technical Library
Projection Grounding Swivel Electrode
Projection Grounding Swivel Electrode