Patent Numbers: US 7,538,294 B2 / CA 2,507,796 / CN ZL200680000498.5

The patented Huys TiCap™ welding electrode uses titanium carbide (TiC), an extremely hard ceramic, in nano-sized particles, to coat the surface of the copper cap. This results in a very hard surface that provides a barrier against any contaminants, such as zinc, from the copper alloy underneath. This coating reduces alloying, delays mushrooming, and provides a longer life.

The coating process employs Huys’ patented ESD process that welds the TiC matrix to the copper cap, creating an incredibly strong metallic bond.

This coating has been shown independently to:

  • Increase electrode life
  • Eliminate electrode sticking
  • Widen the weldability lobe of coated steels
  • Eliminate the need for electrode conditioning
  • Use less electricity with a lower power input

Want us to quote a TiCap to you? Just add a “T” to the front, or a “-TIC” at the end of your current part number!

TiCaps™ Technical Library pdfTiCaps™ Technical Library

TiCaps™ for Welding Aluminum

Resistance welding of aluminum sheet has presented problems for the automotive industry for some time. Until the TiCap™ for welding aluminum, poor electrode life and unreliable nugget formation have reduced the use of spot welding for joining aluminum.

Now, new advances in the TiCap™ coating have also shown its benefits in the resistance spot welding of Aluminum alloys in a production environment with proper stepping techniques. An improved and patented multi-layer nano-coating is applied during the coating process, yielding a longer lasting, more robust welding cap. The electrode also has a specially designed weld face geometry that maximizes the current application and force distribution needed for welding the softer, more electrically and thermally conductive aluminum.

Aluminum Welding TiCaps™ Technical Library PDFAluminum Welding TiCaps™ Technical Library

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