Nut Welding Locating Pins

Huys has a selection of weld pin styles designed for any application. Along with our standard offering of locating weld pins as seen below, we have the flexibility to quote on virtually any custom coating, pin or sleeve. Additional materials and coatings we work with include tungsten-copper, black oxide, and nitride, to name a few.

Ceramic Locating and Welding Pins

Ceramic Pins

Our ceramic pins are made of hard, stabilized zirconium oxide or silicon nitrate, which provide longer life than steel pins ...
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Coated Locating Welding Pins

Coated Pins

Below are our most common coated pins technologies. We can also supply pins coated with other materials such as black ...
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Steel Locating Welding Pins

Steel Pins

Stainless Steel Pins and Sleeves Stainless steel offers moderate strength and toughness but it is electrically conductive. Stainless steel pins ...
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