Automatic Tip Dressers
Automatic Tip Dresser
Bench Tip Dressers
Bench Tip Dresser

Tip dressers will extend the life of your welding consumables, while ensuring the quality of your welds and reducing downtime for maintenance. In resistance spot welding it is crucial to maintain the cap’s weld face shape as any “mushrooming”, or wear, reduces the weld’s size and strength. Whether you want to tip dress standard caps, TiCaps™, or custom caps, we can supply the dresser and blades you need.

Huys works with world renowned tip dresser manufacturers Bräuer and KCD to bring a flexible line up of equipment to market.  This includes manual handheld dressers, automatic dressing stations for robotic weld cells, or table solutions for offline tip dressing.

Manual Tip Dressers
Manual Tip Dresser