Huys designs, manufactures, sells, and supports its own electrospark deposition equipment. Should you wish to bring our LEW technology in-house, we have several standard power supply models to choose from that can be adapted to your needs. 

Model Number630063106320
Model NameUniversal Power SupplyHigh CapacitanceCoating Machine
Input110-120 VAC / 220-240 VAC:
Single Phase 50/60 Hz
Capacity (KVA)
Dimensions (WxDxH) (inches)13 X 14 X 20
Weight (lbs)656556
Output Voltage (VDC)1408034
Maximum Capacitance (μF)31011502000
Maximum Pulse Energy (J)3.0383.681.156
Frequency Range10-50010-50050/60


The other essential components of our LEW equipment are our applicators, which come in 3 main styles. These can be used with any of the above power supplies, and have key accessories/spare parts included. 

Our engineers will help determine which applicator(s) would be best for your application. All applicators fit electrodes up to a 0.250” diameter. 

For particularly unique or difficult applications, we have created a series of custom applicators.

If you would like more information, or to speak with our engineers, please reach out to us at or via our form.