FirstWeld™ Consulting - SORPAS® FirstWeld™ Pre Weld
SORPAS® FirstWeld™ Pre Weld
FirstWeld™ Consulting - SORPAS® FirstWeld™ During Weld
SORPAS® FirstWeld™ During Weld

FirstWeld™ Consulting is a service Huys Welding Strategies has successfully used for years to help our customers optimize their welding parameters. The FirstWeld™ program helps customers to improve new or existing processes, solve difficult welding issues, and improve and optimize welding operations.

FirstWeld™ is based upon the successful SORPAS® resistance welding software and is applicable for most resistance welding applications, from micro-welding to large complicated stack-ups such as AHSS and organic coated steels.

Typically, FirstWeld™ provides:

  • A detailed report of your current welding parameters & problem.
  • Our report and optimization strategy with mpeg file and technical details of the simulated weld we recommend.
  • Professional advice and follow-up to assist your implementation of the recommended improvements.
  • Additional services, from training to weld satisfaction, are also available.


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SORPAS® and FirstWeld™ Library pdf SORPAS® & FirstWeld™ Library


Want a Huys’ engineer to visit to analyze your welding applications? Complete a FirstWeld™ Simulation Request Form either by email, fax, or by using the online form, found here.