Taper Tool
Taper Tool™
Taper Tool in Use
Taper Tool™ in Use

Huys’ patent pending Taper Tool™ hones the taper on shanks and electrode arms to prolong the life of a gun arm.

Tapers on electrode arms and shanks wear with use. Worn tapers cause production delays with water leaks and caps falling off.

Repairing tapers on shanks and arms is expensive. Downtime in production, searching for the correct arm, disassembling the arm, cutting out the old taper, soldering in a new taper, aligning and reinstalling the arm, cleaning up the cooling water mess, all takes a lot of time.

Now, minor repairs to worn tapers and preventative maintenance can extend the life of shanks and arms.


“I had to produce 200 BIW that day, had a leaking gun arm, no replacement, or even the time to replace the arm – the Taper Tool honed the taper, and let me get though the day, meeting my target. The Taper Tool is worth its weight in gold!”
Sam Johnson, OEM


Advantages of using the Taper Tool™:

  • Lessen taper damage from sloppy installation and removal
  • Prevent water leaks
  • Prevent electrode cap from falling off


Download Description
Taper Tool™ Technical Library pdf Taper Tool™ Technical Library


One side is diamond hone, the other side is an alignment guide.

  • Pro-active maintenance on weld gun electrode tapers
  • Extend life of expensive gun arms
  • Reduced downtime from worn tapers
  • Keep a failing gun arm in operation until maintenance can repair arm in non-production hours
Top View of Taper Tool
Top View of Taper Tool™
Bottom View of Taper Tool
Bottom View of Taper Tool™


Watch our instructional video on how to use this product.