LEW Universal Power Supply
LEW Universal Power Supply

Low Energy Welding (LEW) is the next evolution of electrospark deposition. Huys designs, manufactures, sells, and supports the equipment surrounding this process. Low Energy Welding (LEW) is a type of micro welding that uses short duration electrical pulses to deposit electrode materials onto conductive substrates. Our system was designed to handle dissimilar or hard-to-weld materials without leaving a heat affected zone (HAZ).

At the core of our equipment line is our Universal Power Supply (above). Its electrical parameters are highly adjustable to meet different power output requirements.

Some of its key features are:



Fully Digital

Remote Controllable

User Friendly

To address the wide range of welding applications, Huys has developed two specialized systems to be used with our power supply.

Manual LEW System:

Used for:

  • Applications where the work must be done “in situ” or in location

  • Highly sensitive materials that must be repaired in an inert atmosphere (ex: Glovebox)

  • Jobs with limited access to the work piece 

Automated LEW System:

Used for:

  • Repeatable tasks

  • High Volume Jobs

  • Large scale repairs, coatings or welds

Here is an introductory video to the LEW process